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thinking: I know selfies are lame but sometimes I enjoy a good one:) after all you can control how that image comes out versus those scary candid ones:)

fearing: finding work in a new city! not that I feel supper established in utah, but I have my companies, solid job, and free range to be creative.  it’s a little scary to put your self out there in a field where there are so many others breaking boundaries and in a new place I have to make a name for myself. there are some killer studios in MN so hopefully I can find my nitch in our new home.

listening: a friend introduced me to this song by the X Ambassadors, and if you haven’t downloaded the Great Gatsby album you need to! Also, Joshua Radin’s new album is out as well and it’s good:)

reading: I just finished Insurgent (book #2 in the Divergent series) and I am dying for the 3rd book to be published! I’ve got Matched and The Selected on my list next!

watching: more like what am I not watching! with my week off in MN stuck in the apt due to rain and no car I’ve watched everything on hulu and the food network. Too bad everything ended! all my fav shows had killer season finales and now its over! ugh!! We did go see Star Trek and I wanna see Now You See Me! So many good movies out right now!

craving: pizza.  sounds so silly but I just wanna order a pizza and eat the whole thing.  and a bag of red vines:) who wants to send me those?

wanting: this darling tee, possibly paired with this blazer?! I know winter is technically over but I am still dying over this trench!  We all know I love a baggy dress shirt from good hyouman and these shoes?! I am in love with Camo apparently. Now I just need some spending money:) Is it pay day yet?!!

doing: blogging! trying to find out my voice as a blogger and it used to be all about health and fitness but then I took some time to fix my own health and feel like I needed to move more towards lifestyle.  Anyway for all you successful bloggers props to you! I am hoping to grow this little blog and it may take years but for now this is me:) I need to get my hands on a really nice camera and some photoshop classes to really build my quality.  someday>>


Jessie Ann



  • Shelby Omsond
    June 4, 2013 at 7:18 pm

    Thanks so much for leaving a comment!! What a small world! Too crazy you use to be a dance for my FIL- we’ve been married for 5 years so I am sure we must have met! 🙂 Anyways I love your cute blog. And I too have your sweater! Love it and you look great in it!


    • jessie.james
      June 7, 2013 at 11:44 pm

      Such a small world! Your blog is just darling and I’m excited to follow your cute family adventures!

  • Gentri
    June 8, 2013 at 4:00 pm

    I love your blog and think you are doing great! I’m excited to see where it takes you. 🙂 I wish you weren’t moving! I need some fitness help. haha!


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