My Love for Neapolitan Pizza

It’s no secret how much I love pizza:) And it’s also no secret how much my body hates me for it but I just can’t resist it!  Living with my intolerances can be a pain but a girls got to eat once and awhile:) I’m not into dominoes down the street but the real tasty kind.  Pizzeria 712, Settebello, and Pizzeria Limone just to name a few.  So when Carson’s boss recommended Punch Neapolitan Pizza we had to give it a try.

Honestly nothing beats those places I listed above but it was still pretty good! Not as interesting as Pizzeria Limone or as hip as Pizzeria 712 but still tasty:)

Pizza is the one thing I could eat every day and my doctor would not be happy if I did:) Gluten free pizza just isnt the same:) Am I right?  I will say it was a little spicy for my tastebuds but I would like to get back there and eat a few other flavors:) I mean why not, if I am going to live nearby I might as well try every one on the menu:) Oh dear this place may be trouble for me…

So where are my Minnesota friends out there? What are other great pizza places to hit up?


Jessie Ann

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