5 mistakes we made at the minnesota state fair

Since we are new Minnesottan’s we had to attend the state fair.  Apparently it is the bees knees out here and a famous for all its fair food! Of course we picked one of the hottest days all summer and showed up around 1 p.m. Because it’s so busy we had to park the car at a local high school and be bused in.  Saved us a lot of touble dealing with parking and who doesn’t love a free parking spot with an air conditioned bus that takes you straight to the entrance? WE DO!

1. We picked the hottest day of the year…ok maybe not the hottest, but it felt pretty hot! humidity is something I’m not used to so that was an adjustment:) hopefully a little glistneing made me look cuter:)

2. Cheese curds.  Yes they were tasty, but were the first thing we ate as soon as we got there.   Greasey cheese curds sitting in our bellies while walking around in the heat is not a good combo.  We were too sick to try any of the other fantastic fair food.

3. The birthing center.  maybe not a mistkae because all the babies were darling, but a cow had just birthed a calf (cute little guy) but we witnessed some nasty moments.  I’m not sure that momma cow appreciated an audience.  I definetly don’t want fair goers in my delivry room. Heat + cheese curds + blood = nasua…

4. Carson wore pants.  Like I mentioned above it was a hot day and Carson refuses to wear shorts.  Within the first hour we rulled up his jeans and he rocked some manpris.  I thought it was hot.

5. No game plan. We wandered around like newbies. Next year we’re going in with a map and a plan of exactly what we need to do and see including doggie bags to leave with our favorite fair food! (minus the cheese curds….I’m not a fan of those) I’m sad I didn’t get a bucket of sweet marthas cookies, fried pickles, or anything on a stick! Next year I guess.


Jessie Ann

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