Fall is in the Air

Its true fall is here.  Sadly that means that the Minnesota tundra is around the corner but I’ll enjoy to the crisp fall air while it lasts. Utah is gorgeous this time of year and I am curious to experience it here in my new home.  I am sure the leaves will change soon and late night porch reading will commence.  Speaking of reading, any reccomendations? Anyway, I’ve been seeing this around the blogsphere so I am gonna give it a go….currently…

listening to jack johnsons latest ablum! oooh it makes me feel like I am on the beach jamming with a guitar:) and smore…I seem to fantasize about eating smore’s a lot. deal with it:)

seeing changes.  fall is here, new job around the corner (more on that later) and halloween is around the corner! my favorite.  Carson and I still need to figure out our costumes but they will pretty good.  I can feel it.  I have also been working out like crazy and seeing small changes.  nothing bikini comp worthy but baby steps:)

craving all things crappy.  the fall weather comes around and I just wanna eat kettle chips, pumpkin everything, and pizza.  why? why can’t I crave veggies?!?! oh and did I mention smore’s??

reading (more like audible listening but it counts) to the bone season.  anyone read this? it’s pretty great on my drives into the saint paul.  I am looking foward to the third book of the divergent series to come out!

cuddling my sweet remmie.  he will not leave my side and it melts my heart.  he finds each and every creavise and refuses to move unless physical removed from that spot:) every person needs a dog:) he seriously makes me happy.

discovering more about myself.  silly that being forced to live in a new place makes you find yourself quickly! our ward is amazing and finding friends who genuinley care about you is a great feeling.  I find myself looking for opportunities to have people over, meet new friends, and if you follow me on FB you’ll know I love our local LDS missionaries!  love living independalty of what I am comfortable with.  changing me and molding me to hopefully be a better wife, friend, and human all around.

watching new fall series! I am so happy some of my favorites are back and lots of new ones to get into!

wanting an entire new fall wardrobe…dying over this whole outfit.  jumping on the band wagon of liquid leggins  paired with a baggy tee and this infinity scarf .  Fall is sweater weather and this one from urban outfitters has my heart. 

loving life, my husband, and our new home.

life is good


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