blog failure

I feel like without a darling child to photograph or J Crew wardrobe to show off I have no idea what to blog about.  My life is pretty normal and boring.  Its pretty exciting in my eyes but who really wants to hear about the new pillows I bought or the fact that I showered today.  I don’t think many of you do.  And the moments of real failure eating a bowl of cereal (that’s not gluten free…sorry stomach) at 11 pm and eyeing carson’s ice cream sandwhiches in the freezer.  It’s a wonder I can’t loose weight 🙂 🙂 Maybe I could blog about 99 reasons I love my life but that feels like I’m a brat, but on the other hand complaining makes me feel ungrateful.  Oh boy.  I think I should take a course on how to be a successful blogger.  Do they give you a book with blogging topics?! If so I’m in! Feel free to comment with some fabulous ideas:) I’ll take anything I can get!


Jessie Ann


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