Minnesota Mondays: Zoo Dates

Carson’s brother is pretty awesome and grows giant pumpkins during the fall.  after the weigh off’s and all things pumpkin is over, he feeds the elephants at hogle zoo on thanksgiving! we decided to take myer (my favorite red head) for the experience.  its been a long time since i’ve been to the hogle zoo and its been updated and changed quite a bit. we arrived right when it opened, chilly and all, and made sure to visit some of the most popular exhibits. the rocky shores was our favorite:) sea lions are incredible animals! quick, agile, and powerful.  my favorite of the visit and myer loved the 360 windows allowing him to see under water!

of course walking wasn’t an option the whole time so carson doubled as a chaffuer too:) and that zoo map..i think he enjoyed that more than the animals.  whatever makes him happy:)

if i could have a kid as cute, well behaved, and hilarious as myer i would have one tomorrow.  i can only hope my kiddies are as cute as him:) bryton can you fedex him to minnesota? the elephants smashing pumpkins for lunch was pretty great too! loved watching zuri run around and smash the gourds with her giant hooves. such a fun thanksgiving morning!

this picture makes me melt and i think carson is gonna be a great dad.  pure happiness in that little face.  we love our family and looking forward to starting our own someday!


Jessie Ann

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