minnesnowta monday

you can call me a complainer but i am OVER this winter.  i’ve said it before and i will say it 90 more times. over it.  i keep hearing that this winter is the worst it i’m just thinking these minnesotans are crazy for living here! we have had almost 5 snow days off work/school and the temp is rarely above 20 degrees and on those rare days i want to put on my swimsuit and lay out.  call me crazy, but i am that desperate.
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we had a few days of delicious sun shine and 45 degree weather and then we got slammed with a killer snow storm that froze everything.  the freeways were a sheet of ice and i have never been more terrified to drive.  white knuckling it was an understatement and i felt like carrie underwood and her hit song “jesus take the wheel”.  i honestly don’t know how i survived that drive home.  i had carson on speaker just in case i slid off and that was the end. he’s a pro at winter drive so he laughed it off but i was serious.

because it never warms up, parking lots are full of huge piles of built up snow from the plows. same with the side walks! there is a good 4-6 feet piled up on the sides of the road and not to mention our apartment complex looks like a ski resort full of bunny hills! wish i had a sled i could just jump walk out my front door for a day of sledding:)
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so all of you warm weather friends need to send us some sun! my skin is in desperate need of a little color:)

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