lets play catch up and a little survery

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ok with that out of the way lets catch up. its been a busy two weeks with all things dance and i couldn’t be more pleased with the results! Nuvo Dance Convention  came through Minneapolis and it was so great to see familiar faces.  i grew up as a convention kid so i enjoyed chatting with the faculty, taking class, and watching comp in a familiar setting.  it almost felt like my turf and i was excited to be a part of it with the kids i am now teaching. both studios that i teach at were there and they were both fabulous! so pleased with the dancing and proud of my choreography on stage! it nice to find my little space out here in mn amongst new dancers and start to feel some traction as well as be recognized by my peers.

we spend a lot of our time in the studio, designing costumes, cutting music, and all that goes with being a dancer teacher, it is always a joy to see it all come together on stage. the dance world gets a little intense sometimes and i have to remember we aren’t ending world hunger just dancing.  but its my world just the same and i take it pretty seriously.  i love what i do and passing a small part of it onto my students makes me happy. its the small things in life right?


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