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I’m Feelin’ Lucky Today


It’s St Patty’s Day! As a kid I LOVED this holiday! Green pancakes for breakfast, little leprechaun feet in the house, and pinching anyone not in green! I was the kid decked out in green at school! My favorite! As I get older this holiday kinds of turns into Thanksgiving for me.  I look around and realize how lucky I am.

I feel lucky to live in a day an age where I can chase my dreams as a woman.  I am not held back by society to hold a career.  I feel lucky to be a woman in general.  I feel lucky when the time comes to carry a baby and create a new little life.

I feel lucky to be married.  I married young and while its not for everyone, it was for me.  I feel lucky to spend my ups and downs with my best friend.  I feel lucky we have each other to laugh, cry, and support. I feel lucky to be loved and in love.

I feel lucky to live in sunny California.  I don’t feel lucky to sit in traffic, but I do feel lucky to lay in the sun, dance all week long, and meet new people.

I feel lucky to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I feel lucky to find members wherever we are.  I feel lucky to know god and his love.

I feel lucky to have a body.  A body I push to the limits with exercise and one that allows me to move freely.

I feel lucky to be a dancer.  I wouldn’t wish this lack of job security on anyone, but I do feel lucky to use my body as a tool of communication and performance.  I feel lucky to be able to touch people with movement and tell my stories.

I feel lucky to be alive.

Are you feeling lucky today?


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