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My Daily Go To Smoothie


A little recipe for you today! I recently discovered Juice Plus and my life is changed! We can talk more about that later (send me a message if you’d like) but I wanted to share a super EASY and quick smoothie recipe I use daily!



Coconut Water ( I use Zico)

Two cubes of frozen Spinach (blend spinach with a bit of water and then freeze it in an ice tray! super easy)

Half of a frozen Banana

Handful of frozen berries (I used blueberries)

1 scoop of Juice Plus Complete (or any plant based protein)

Any additions you want! I like to add a little almond butter but anything like flax or chia seeds is great too!

Combine ingredients above in order they are listed and blend to enjoy! I use a little magic bullet and it works great for me!  No need to spend a fortune on a Vitamix to get a good smoothie taste.

Happy Blending!



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