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SYTYCD for kids?

SYTYCD - Judges and Cat web

Have you seen the news? Fox has renewed So You Think You Can Dance for another season. The only twist is you have to be between the ages of 8-13 to audition. I’ll repeat that. 8-13 years of age everyone.

While its exciting for that group of kids its disgusting to me as a professional.  The importance of “fame” is valued too greatly in the dance world. These kids look to a reality show for their inspiration and career aspirations. What happened to buying a ticket to the ballet, or the latest professional company that is rolling through town? Daily training full of success and failures. Blood sweat and tears. Not a makeup team telling you which camera to play to.

This isn’t to discount the talent of any dancer that has previously been on the show. I myself auditioned and had a great experience. I know many past contestants and they are fabulous professionals. That’s just it though, they are professionals. I can’t imagine the pressure and mental stress these little dancers will face with the america telling them if they are good enough. It’s worrisome.

Overall, I miss the good ol days without youtube, instagram, and reality tv.  The days of hard work, kickin your butt in class, supporting your friends, and creating true art. What happened to all that? I miss art and it’s our jobs to create it without the pay off of “fame”.




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