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Brugge, Belgium [ travel tips ]

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Hola chicos! Can you tell I have been practicing my Spanish? It’s literally all I do right now and I AM SO DETERMINED to be fluent by the time we leave Spain so it’s practice, practice, practice!! Too bad today’s post isn’t actually about Spain! Surprise! While we were visiting Amsterdam and the gorgeous tulips we decided to take a day trip to Belgium! Why not cross another country off the list?



So we jumped in the rental car and headed out! It only took us about 2 1/2 hours and the drive was actually enjoyable! The roads were bordered with greenery and spacious fields full of large trees and even a few windmills! it helps when you pack the car full of European goodies and stroopwaffels! Life is always easier with waffles right?





Speaking of waffles, go find yourself some authentic Belgian waffles first thing! They are not too hard to find considering they are on most corners but the best is at Chez Albert.  Smother it how you like and begin your mini Belgian adventure by walking through the historic cobblestone streets! Brugge has many historical things to see but we wanted a more local experience and decided to just wander!


Take the boat tour! I know I just said we didn’t want to be tourists but the canals are something you simply cannot miss! The juxtaposition of the century old buildings with the water made me feel like I was on a movie set. Almost surreal in a way. I was filming frantically trying to get everything in as we toured the city via the canals. Aside from the canals the city has great food, shopping, and delicious chocolate to sample! We loved our day in Brugge! Eat a waffle or two in our honor when you stop by ok?!



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